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07/30/2014 - SWT Partners with Ag More Than Ever


Agriculture More Than Ever is an industry-driven cause to improve perceptions and create positive dialogue about Canadian ag. Together we can shine a spotlight on the facts, stories and people that make this industry special. Check out their informational website at:


and learn how important the Ag Industry is to Canadians , Canada and our economy.

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06/26/2014 - 2013/2014 DIVIDEND OF $36/Share


Dividend cheques will be available at the Annual General Meeting. If you are unable to attend the AGM, your dividend cheque will be mailed to you.


You can view the 2013/2014 SWT Financials here.

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SWT Crop Report

09/11/2014 - SW Saskatchewan Harvest Progress

Peas are about the only crop with significant harvest progress (85% or better) so far this year.   About 50-60% of barley lentils and winter wheat off as well.    5-10% of canola has been combined, with only small acreage of Durum started in the Sandhills and along the US border.    4 days of warm weather late last week did help to push crop staging on standing crop so there will be a lot of acres now ready to combine if weather cooperates.

Persistant rainfall over past 3 weeks has hindered harvest progress heavily degraded crop quality.

All Applicants Reviewed prior to Acceptance.

Symbol Last Chg  
Hard Red Spring Wheat (Dec '14) 5.4625 -0.0400
Hard Red Spring Wheat (Mar '15) 5.6250 -0.0450
Canola (Nov '14) 404.7 -1.7
Canola (Jan '15) 411.1 -1.7
Canola (Mar '15) 417.3 -1.6
Barley (Oct '14) 123.50 0.00
Barley (Dec '14) 125.50 0.00
Corn (Dec '14) 3.3700 -0.0125
Corn (Mar '15) 3.4975 -0.0100
Soybeans (Nov '14) 9.6575 -0.0575
Wheat (Dec '14) 4.8425 -0.0425
Wheat (Mar '15) 5.0125 -0.0450
Canadian Dollar (Dec '14) 0.910400 -0.000500
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